Privacy is one of the key elements all our services are built around. We are not an advertising company, and we do not make profit from harvesting, analyzing and selling private information to any third party. We have one mission: to ease your everyday work and organization throughout our services, and we keep to that simple plan.

The following document aims at describing the personal data we collect, why we collect it and how it is processed by us or third parties.

In this Privacy Policy, we will refer to:


Collected information

According to the rule of privacy by design, we keep the amount of personal data we collect to a minimum.

Information collected by the Website

The Website may collect the following personal information:

The first two type of information are collected only for accounts, and allow us to:

Because invoices must be kept for a duration of 10 years according to the law, we may need to keep that data for that period of time. For accounts that were created without ending up in any invoice, we keep the information for a duration of a year, after what the account, and all its data, are deleted.

IP Addresses, Browser types and OS names are collected to help us enhance our service by compiling statistics about its use. By knowing who is interested in our products, we can indeed provide translations, adapt our Service to specific Browsers. This information is stored for one year, and is collected by a self-hosted instance of Matomo, a free and open-source analytics software. We do not use cookies (small files that are stored in the web browser) to collect this information; we only harvest them from the logs our server receive.

Information collected by the Service

The Service collects some Personal Information in order to work:

This information allows us to:

We may also use your Personal Information, collected by the Website or the Service, to comply with any legal obligation, including the need to share any of it with the government or any regulatory when required by the law or in response to a legal process, obligation or request.

How are your personal information stored and protected ?

Your personal information are kept safe by limiting as possible the number of people that can access it, and the amount of it that is harvested. We also keep our software up to date, to prevent any know security breach from being used. All information sent by the Website or the Service is encrypted and secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Currently, the only person at Treviz who is able to access all your Personal Information is Bastien Huber. He can be contacted at

The personal information stored by the Website is ony accessible by its owner, and by the persons in charge of handling the order. The data stored by the Service can mostly be accessed by the other members using the same Service.

Third-party disclosure

We do not sell any Personal Information (actually, we do not sell any information at all) to any third party. However, to operate our services, we rely one some of them to perform some of the processing. Indeed, the servers we use to store your information, and to power the Website and Service are hosted on OVH, a French provider, and are all located in France.

You can request a copy of your Personal Information. To do so:

You can send a mail at that same address to correct any of your Personal Information, or to delete some or all of it. However, you must know that deleting your information can result in the termination of your account, and prevent you from using our Service.