Join open, collaborative organizations
Work on the projects you want
Share the benefits

Embrace open and collaborative organizations

The time for vertical organizations, ruled by a handful of people who decide the future of countless others is finally over.

Valuable Projects

Easily navigate between all the organization's projects, decide in which one you want to take part, and how much time you want to invest in it. If none interests you, or if you have an idea, simply start your own project, and recruit amongst the organization’s members.

Take Back Control

Customize the contract of your organization to determine how it should be ruled. Can everyone join it? Who can vote to determine how the resources of the organization should be split between its projects? Should delegates be appointed, and what would be their responsibilities?

Fair Rewards

You are rewarded for your work, using a specific crypto-currency. Rewards are attached to jobs and tasks: only what you do, and how important it is, should define what you earn. If the organization generates benefits, they are redistributed according to each one’s work.

Change the way you consider
collaborating on projects

Treviz is an open-source web platform that helps you set up and join open, collaborative organizations, in which you can work on the projects you want and get rewarded for your work.

It comes with all the tools you need to work on projects, from a brainstorming module to a kanban board, a news feed, an inner chat, a cloud for documents, while allowing you to recruit new members for your teams, and manage the budget of your organization.

This platform is particularly aimed at companies, administrations, schools, laboratories, NGOs and, more broadly, individuals who whish to work hand-in-hand on innovative projects, but who lack the framework to ensure trust, collaboration, and ownership of their work.

We can host the platform for you, so you can focus on building successful projects, instead of focusing on infrastructure and security issues. This way, you will always have the latest version of the platform, a professional support, while constantly knowing where your data is located and who can access it.

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Forever free
Host your own instance of Treviz
Full access to the source code and API


per user, per month
We host Treviz for you
250MB of files per user
Always benefit from the last version
24h e-mail support


per user, per month
All the benefits of the Standard plan
SSO with OAuth 2.0 with OpenID Connect or SAML
2 factor authentication
Personalized assistance to set up Treviz in your organization
Up to 5GB of files per user
24h support by mail and telephone