Grouping all the organization's projects

In Treviz, once connected, you can browse the various projects the organization holds, filter them according to your skills and interests. This way, you are free to chose in which projects you would bring the most value, in which one you want to take part. You can also browse and filter the various jobs that are linked to those projects, and send a small message to candidate to them.
If no existing project interests you, you can simply launch your own one, and find partners amongst the organization members. You can also precisely decide to whom your project should be visible: anyone, or just a few, specific communities.

All your tools in one place

Treviz comes with all the traditional tools used to manage projects. Kanban boards can easily be created inside projects. The tasks affected to you are then displayed in your own dashboard, so you can always keep track of your work.
Projects also come with a news feed, allowing anyone to stay tuned of its evolution, ask questions. It is completed by a chat, if you want to exchange about a decision, or just share gifs of cats. You can also share documents, create specific jobs for your projects, manage the roles of every member...
We are also currently working on synchronising this tools with existing ones, like Trello or Slack.

Own your information

Treviz is Open-source, and can be self-hosted, so you always know where your information is stored, and who can see it. If you want to use our SaaS version, our servers are located in France, and we take care of making your information as safe as possible. We do not track your activity using any cookie, nor do we try to analyse your habits and send any information to advertisers.